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Price €55.80
Availability: 99 In Stock

Cosmébio certified product The Ortie-Sil circulation body gel from Biofloral promotes freshness and lightness in the legs.

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Hibiscus vegetable oil

Price €33.00
Availability: 20 In Stock

Your wonderful Hibiscus Oil is made from sun-dried flowers infused with 100% virgin sweet almond oil. This soft-touch oil nourishes and repairs dry or damaged skin and protects against dehydration. Its sweet scent makes it ideal for preparing treatments to perfume as you wish. It is also appreciated for embellishing and deeply nourishing the scalp.

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Price €28.70
Availability: 100 In Stock

Soft and nutritious exfoliating cream with a particularly creamy texture and a pleasantly tart freshness which is suitable for both Face & Body!

Thanks to its softening, mattifying, moisturizing and soothing action, BOMOÏ Exfoliating Cream is an effective solution for the most sensitive skin.

Product certified by ECOCERT Greenlife and COSMEBIO.

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DIVINE BALM Herbaceous Veil (150ml)

Price €38.30
Availability: 100 In Stock
This balm based on beeswax and organic hemp plant oil is a very complete moisturizing treatment that accompanies us all year round ... It deeply nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin from wind, cold and from the sun!
Made in France, in Grasse


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BEAUTY MASK Moon Powder (100ml)

Price €33.40
Availability: 100 In Stock

Its texture is creamy and extremely soft ... This face mask offers purified and soothed skin. It smoothes the features and reveals the radiance of the complexion!

Product certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT Greenlife and COSMEBIO.

Made in France

2 Review(s)

FACE CREAM Milky Way (100ml)

Price €40.50
Availability: 100 In Stock

A cream with 3 extremely fine oils that perfectly protects the skin from aging thanks to the Meadowsweet and the famous Organic Tuberose, a precious elixir also used in fine perfumery.

Organic product certified by ECOCERT Greenlife and COSMEBIO

Made in France