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Blonde Minko

Price €4.79
Availability: 5000 In Stock

BLONDE MINKO is slightly coppery thanks to a unique blend of malts, rich in materials with an aromatic bouquet with citrus notes and a balanced bitterness around 33 IBU.

3 Review(s)

Ginger Lemon Minko

Price €4.79
Availability: 100 In Stock

GINGER LEMON MINKO is a light, balanced beer in which ginger and lemon intersect their aromatic profile while letting scrupulously selected malts and hops express themselves in a perfectly controlled balance in order to obtain an organoleptic fireworks display.

3 Review(s)

Bissap Minko

Price €4.79
Availability: 6 In Stock

BISSAP MINKO is a fruity, complex, slightly acidic blond beer with a bright purplish color conferred by hibiscus flower and a nose rich in red fruits.

4 Review(s)

Goji BIO Pur Jus

Price €27.96
Availability: 99 In Stock

Goji (Lycium Barbarum) is a small fruit that looks slightly like a small, elongated cherry. Its taste is indescribable but delicious. Goji is of Tibetan origin and is cultivated mainly in northeastern China.